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Teknoice Freezer

Acquiring a Teknoice Freezer from an Authorised Direct Supplier

The large-scale production of ice cream for commercial operations requires equipment that can stand up to tough, mechanically punishing tasks every day, and the Teknoice continuous freezer is one of several ideal options available on the market today. With a Teknoice ice cream machine, it is far easier to create delightful frozen treats in quantities large enough to support production for sale by third parties. However, finding the right equipment is often easier said than done, especially when the leading manufacturers remain based overseas. At Artisan Industrial, we offer a direct line to leading Italian equipment manufacturers to facilitate your purchase.

Artisan Industrial Represents the Best Brands in the Industry

Creating good ice cream is a blend of art and science, and the best equipment exhibits the result of years of experience and understanding. At Artisan Industrial, we are the consultants for the top-tier Italian manufacturers we represent throughout Oceania. From Teknoice equipment to Sevel refrigeration, we are your gateway to competitively-priced access to the right tools for success. Consider the pedigree of the brands we represent:

  • Teknoice. One of the largest Italian manufacturers of ice cream equipment at the medium to large scale, Teknoice produces continuous freezers, moulded ice cream production lines, and more.
  • Sevel. A Turkish company providing artisan-quality options for refrigerated display, Sevel display cabinets are easy to maintain, excellent at temperature control for any shop front.
  • Packint. Another Italian with nearly 30 years in the industry, our connections with Packint allow our clients to tap into useful options for working with chocolate on an industrial scale.

Why Should You Purchase Equipment through Artisan Industrial?

Access to reputable brands is important, but it’s only part of a bigger picture. At Artisan Industrial, we understand that our customers at every level — from the established operator to the up-and-coming small business — require a high degree of confidence before making any commitments.

  • Enjoy assistance on your time. Working with European manufacturers is often fraught with communications breakdowns and crossed wires. Artisan Industrial provides you with domestic support for international products, helping to eliminate one common source of frustration in this process.
  • We can help to make arrangements for you to visit the manufacturer facilities in Italy. See first-hand why a Teknoice ice cream machine is the right choice when you hear about it directly from the creators.

What Makes Artisan Industrial a Reputable Service?

Trust between a supplier and a customer is essential. At Artisan Industrial, our direct sales model serves to eliminate several unnecessary layers in the buying process — and because we are not manufacturers of the equipment, we are the suppliers which can provide you with a more nuanced perspective.  Why is one product right for your applications over another similar choice? We’re committed to providing a clear, honest answer to questions such as these for every client. Take advantage of our insights today as you begin to scale your operations to the next stage.