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Filling machines help control portion dosing while increasing the efficiency of filling with ease

Filling Machines for gelato and ice cream are suitable for all types of businesses that require portion control. The most common methods include filling cups, ice cream tub fillings, or cones. Our equipment solutions are an economical and efficient way to increase your production and help ease manual labour.

Ideal for gelato and ice cream producers in order to pre-package before selling. Filling Machines can dispense both food and non-food products quickly and in the desired quantity.

It also works as an alternative to dosing machines, which can be expensive and are unable to process artisan gelato (containing pieces of fruit, nougat, granules up to 8mm). This high-quality machinery even has automatic washing of the cylinder and spout to promote excellent hygiene.

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Main Features of Filling Machines

  • Fast and controlled filling
  • Equipped with all safety protection elements
  • Up to 13L capacity within cylinder
  • Manual or foot operated controls also available
  • Functions well with a range of different consistencies, including artisan gelato
  • Suitable for ice cream, gelato and bakery products as well as non-food laboratories

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Gelato and Ice Cream Filling Machines

When it comes to the sale of food and non-food items such as ice cream, gelato or fruit products, quantities greatly influence your earnings with Filling Machines. As such, you need the right equipment to dose portioned serves. This is where our range of gelato and ice cream Filling Machines helps your business.

Instead of manual portioning, you can enjoy the speed and efficiency that our filling machines offer. They work with products of different consistencies and inclusions and can be used to fill cones, tubs, and cups.

Along with fast and controlled filling, you’ll also enjoy a cylinder capacity of up to 13 litres. The Duo model includes dual cylinders. Additional benefits of our filling machines include manual and foot-operated dosing and automatic washing of the cylinder and spout.

If you want to offer ready-to-go cups or containers in various sizes and dispense the desired quantity quickly, you need our filling machines. It’s an effective and cost-effective option for artisan producers. Call us today to find out more information about our filling machines or any other equipment.

If you are interested in our filling machines, get in touch with our team at Artisan Industrial. Otherwise, have a look at our other Ice Cream & Gelato Equipment below.

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