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Low Speed Ball Mills use anti-wear alloy ball bearings, cylinder, arms and blades to refine cocoa beans, cocoa liquor and also used to make nut pastes

Not only can you refine your ingredients to make a consistently great chocolate product, but you can produce a range of nut spread creams or pastes. Low speed ball mills allow you to achieve an even particle size (18-20 microns) and fast processing times with low power consumption and low running costs

Main Functions and Features

  • Inner part consists of a cylinder and agitator with scraper at bottom (made of anti-wear alloy)
  • Pump for the product recirculation and discharge at end of the production cycle
  • Inverter to control the speed of stirrer and pump
  • Control of water and product temperature in heating and cooling modes
  • Equipped with electric control board for correct management of working operations with PLC and TOUCH SCREEN
  • Product discharged by a 3-way valve
  • Acidity/humidity extraction device
  • Hot air injection
  • Complete with 2 anodes

      Each of our various models has different loading capacities and expected hourly production times. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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      Ball Mills

      Low speed ball mills use anti-wear alloy ball bearings to refine chocolate or produce nut spreads and pastes.

      The low speed ball mill is considered the heart of chocolate production lines and our technology allows you to achieve a final micron size of 18-20 microns, a tight particle size distribution and best temperature control.

      The combination of the low speed and using the best anti-wear alloys is extremely important in preventing wearing and contamination.

      They are equipped with a volumetric recycling pump which is able to work with more difficult two ingredient chocolate.

      Our low speed ball mills also include a blower for the extraction of acidity and humidity during refining, and a hot air blower to allow a preliminary step of conching.

      To find out more information about low speed ball mills, speak to us today.

      If you are interested in ball mill equipment, get in touch with us today. Otherwise, have a look at our other Chocolate Making Equipment below.

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