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Pasteurisers are used for mixing ingredients and heating to eliminate bacteria and extend shelf life

Making the best ice cream and gelato isn’t possible without a batch pasteuriser. They are commonly required to mix ingredients such as milk, creams, sugars and emulsifying agents to name a few.

During the heating process, pathogenic bacteria are eliminated and ingredients are evenly incorporated into the mix. Sugars and fats are melted and stabilising agents hydrated. Indirect heating is achieved by a food-safe heat-conducting liquid. Finally, the cooling phase further removes any residual bacteria and prepares your products at an ideal storage temperature. This process also allows for the ageing of your ice cream or gelato mix.

Telme has two models of pasteurisers; Evopasto Professional Batch Pasteuriser and Ecomix Top Level Batch Pasteuriser. They are available in maximum capacities of 30L, 60L and 120L. Enquire with us to learn more


Evopasto Batch Pasteuriser General Features

  • Electronic features to automatically select heating time based on pasteurising temperature
  • Adjustable heating and cooling (between 60°C and 90°C) and cooling (between 0°C and 20°C)
  • Two-speed adjustable agitation (takes 2 hours for pasteurising cycle with full charge of mix)
  • Dispensing tap with built-in washing
  • Draining sump fitted in vat for better discharge of the mix
  • Optional: washing unit


    Ecomix Batch Pasteuriser Additional Features

    • Beater motor controlled by inverter for varying speed
    • Preset programs – built-in ‘smart memory’ if power supply interrupted
    • Resistive colour touch screen
    • Double lid to add ingredients without stopping mixing process


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    Pasteurisation is an essential step to the ice cream-making process. Hence, the batch pasteuriser you use is integral. 

    At Artisan Industrial, we have high-quality pasteurisers to enhance your ice cream making process.

    About Our Pasteurisers

    Our machinery is designed to meet all your mixing, heating, and pasteurising needs. But beyond functionality, you also get pre-programmed options that you can configure using a touch screen depending on the model. They range from a capacity of 30 litres per to 180 litres per cycle. 

    Key Features

    • Adjustable heating and cooling
    • Optional washing unit
    • Built-in washing in the dispensing tap
    • Easy to use configurations

    Our pasteurisers will achieve all steps – from mixing and blending ingredients, to melting fats and chocolate, and cooling and conserving. So, to enhance process efficiency and product quality using our high-performance equipment, get in touch with us today.

    If you are interested in our pasteuriser equipment, get in touch with our team at Artisan Industrial. Otherwise, have a look at our other Ice Cream & Gelato Equipment below.

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