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Industrial Ice Cream Machine

Where to Find an Industrial Ice Cream Machine for Scaled Production

Are you in the market for an industrial ice cream machine that can enable your business to scale up its production of ice cream, gelato, or stick products? If so, Artisan Industrial can help. From small-scale/artisan ice cream producers to large-scale manufacturers, we have top-quality equipment to suit.

We Provide Equipment Solutions for Industrial Ice Cream

Artisan Industrial currently represents four different companies that serve the ice cream industries. Three of those brands— TEKNOICE, and L.A.I. e F.—are Italian manufacturers. All four are renowned for delivering reliable, long-lasting equipment. Here’s what to know about each brand before you decide which company is best-equipped to meet your needs:

  • TEKNOICE. TEKNOICE has been producing semi-industrial and industrial ice cream equipment for more than 20 years. Businesses looking for larger-scale production equipment can put their trust in this brand.
  • L.A.I. e F. L.A.I. e F. is a well-known brand in the industrial ice cream machine market that focuses on large industrial-scale moulded stick line.
  • SEVEL. Since 1949, SEVEL has been producing a dependable range of ice cream/gelato and pastry display cabinets of all sizes and styles.

Why a Customer Should Use Artisan Industrial

Perhaps you are launching a new business and need a sizable artisan ice cream making machine that can handle ice cream production at scale. Alternatively, maybe your business is growing, and you need to replace a smaller ice cream machine with an industrial-level unit. Either way, here are a few reasons to trust Artisan Industrial to provide the kind of equipment you need:

  • Our Italian product ranges. One of our biggest selling points is that we bring genuine Italian ice cream/gelato equipment to Oceania. We are the only direct supplier of our brands in the region, which means you can’t get these products anywhere else—at least not easily.
  • Our prices. We are a direct office for our manufacturers servicing the Oceania region. There is no middle-man here, which means we the most competitive prices for every piece of equipment we sell.
  • Our customer service. We pride ourselves on being extremely communicative with both our customers and our brands. If you aren’t sure which brand is right for the type of industrial ice cream machine you need, feel free to reach out for advice. On the other side of things, if you purchase a machine from us and have questions or troubleshooting concerns after it arrives, do not hesitate to call us. We can provide real-time assistance and can even coordinate with our brands if there is a problem we can’t solve on your first phone call.

If you are dissatisfied with the industrial ice cream manufacturing equipment you have been using, look no further than Artisan Industrial. We believe that the brands we represent have the equipment you need to improve the ice cream side of your business. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer.