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Cold Car

Cold CarCutting edge eutectic technology, powering cold food truck delivery vehicles

Cold Car has achieved global recognition, rapidly becoming the leading company in the production of refrigerated bodies. Through unwavering commitment to innovation, technology, solidity, and efficiency, Cold Car has paved the way for advancements in the industry.

Eutectic plate refrigerated bodies have gained widespread popularity in the market due to their exceptional efficiency in distributing ice cream and frozen food. The process involves storing a bank of cold energy overnight using an electric-powered refrigerating unit, which freezes the eutectic solution within the plates. During the day, as the solution thaws, it releases the accumulated cold to offset heat loss caused by opening the doors, ensuring the products remain well-preserved in compliance with ATP and HACCP regulations.

Unique Benefits of Cold Car:

  • Reduced noise during delivery: The absence of moving mechanical parts eliminates noise pollution during deliveries.
  • Protection against thermal shock: The cold accumulated in the eutectic plates quickly lowers the temperature inside the body after each delivery, protecting products from thermal shock.
  • Lower operating costs: The system’s independence from the vehicle engine and lack of moving parts significantly reduce operating expenses.
  • Zero CO2 emissions during delivery: The system operates without emitting CO2, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Simple operation: Freezing the plates is as easy as connecting the fridge unit to an electrical outlet while the vehicle is parked. The system automatically stops once the plates are frozen.

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