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Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Where to Find a Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Other Equipment

Are you looking for a chocolate enrobing machine? Chocolate enrobers and other commercial chocolate equipment can help you create large numbers of confections in a short time. These machines can coat just about anything in a smooth, uniform layer of chocolate, giving your sweet treats a professional look. You can find the industrial chocolate equipment you need at Artisan Industrial.

When Buying an Enrobing Machine, Consider This

An enrobing machine is an important investment that can help your bakery or other chocolate-related business succeed. Here are a few things to consider before making your purchase.

  • The size of the machine. Enrobers come in a variety of sizes, from small machines with narrow belts to industrial machines with very wide belts to process thousands of pieces every hour. This variety means that every business owner can find the size that suits their needs best.
  • Your specific needs. Besides the volume you need to produce, you should also consider what you’re manufacturing because there are different types of enrobers designed for various functions and sizes of chocolate.
  • Any additional features you may need. Some machines offer optional extra features, such as a removable stainless-steel rack for easy cleaning or an additional tank and wire belt assembly.

Benefits of an Enrobing Machine

Why do you need an enrobing machine at all? There are numerous advantages to having this piece of equipment in your production area. Whether you are starting a new business or adding to your existing confectionary repertoire, if chocolate coating will be in your repertoire, you might need an enrobing machine. Here’s why.

  • To maximise volume and production levels. A machine such as an enrobing machine, a chocolate tempering machine, or a nougat machine can do its job much faster than human hands can, which means you’ll turn out more product in less time.
  • To save on labour costs. Most of these machines operate automatically, meaning that you won’t need as much manpower to keep them running efficiently. Investing in a panning machine or other commercial equipment is a smart decision and one that quickly pays for itself.
  • To achieve maximum quality. Machines can deliver more consistent coating results than manual dipping. You’ll have more control over the process, and your products will turn out uniformly attractive.
  • To use your materials more efficiently. Chocolate machines are excellent at avoiding unnecessary waste. They are designed to make optimal use of your products and help you get the most value out of the ingredients you have.

About Artisan Industrial

From artisan chocolate equipment to bean-to-bar and display cases to continuous freezers, we are the only supplier offering a direct model in which we deliver our products straight from the supplier to the customer. We offer the most competitive prices on one of the largest ranges of commercial equipment in Australia. We are also extremely knowledgeable about the equipment we sell so we’re always happy to offer our professional advice when you need it. Contact us today to get started.