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Batch Freezer

Combine the Best Ingredients in Our Batch Freezer for Flavourful Gelato

Gelato is always a crowd favourite. When you combine the finest ingredients in a gelato batch freezer, it creates a product that your customers will return for time and time again. Artisan Industrial takes pride in offering you the best equipment to produce exceptional gelato.

Background to Artisan Industrial Development

With a passion for providing you with the best equipment for your business to succeed. Our equipment creates award-winning gelato with every batch. We offer exceptional commercial batch freezers for your bakery, café, coffee shop, or gelato shop. We even assist with Retail and Wholesale and Restaurant and Caterer quality too. See why our batch freezers help you serve your customers with excellent gelato.

  • Creating gelato requires the matched with the best equipment available. Our manufacturer designs the vertical batch freezers with vertical cylinders for better transmission of refrigeration, and its transparent lid allows you to view each step of the freezing method.
  • Our attention to detail for the products we offer means that you receive a gelato freezer at a competitive price. The vertical batch freezer can be wheeled around for easy placement in your facility and is compact dimensions so that installation is easy, especially in locations where floor space is sparse.
  • We match your needs to our outstanding batch freezers. The temperature controlled cycles allow you to get the ideal texture and consistency for your gelato every time. The ability to control the quantity of each batch gives you flexibility in the amount you want to make.

What Makes Artisan Industrial a Reputable Service?

Creating gelato is an art. Your goal is to create premium desserts. See why we help you become the leader in your field.

  • We work directly with the brands we offer you.
  • We pride ourselves on the business relationships we develop with our suppliers and with our customers. We believe that when you treat people as a family, then the result is a win-win for every person involved. When you match reliability, integrity, and honesty with friendly service, you have an exceptional business.
  • The key to our operation is the way we listen to you. Our job is to understand what you want, and then deliver products to you that meet all your expectations. We want a relationship that lasts for generations.

Creating exceptional gelato is an art that ensures you have customers that return year after year. You offer gelato made from the finest ingredients, and we provide you with equipment that ensures your gelato is the favourite choice for all your customers. Please contact us with any questions. When freshness and exceptional quality gelato is your intention, then our superior equipment provides the tools to continue serving your customers. Let us help you reach new customers.