Tempering, dosing, & enrobing are crucial to the bean to bar chocolate making process

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Main Functions and Features

  • Automatic, continuous operation tempering machine
    • From melting by bain-marie to tempering by cooling gas with refrigerant compressor
  • Equipped with a mixer that keeps chocolate fluid
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • High precision probes control all temperatures through specific circuit board
  • Tempering machine is complete with a heated vibrating table
  • Also includes a flow-stopping pedal for the dosing of desired quantity of product
  • Automatic starting timer
  • Chocolate flow is adjustable
  • Many sizes and models available for enrobing
  • Heated dosing heads available for dosing

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    Chocolate making is an art and a science. For you to produce the perfect blend, you need the right mixture of ingredients, and the process needs to flow smoothly. 

    With our tempering, dosing, and enrobing machines, that’s what you’ll gain. Equipment that automates the tempering process by using bain-marie for melting and using a cooling gas for tempering. 

    Along with automation, our tempering, dosing, and enrobing equipment offer precision. There are controls that enable you to regulate temperatures to the exact degrees you want at different stages. Moreover, it comes with a mixer that ensures the chocolate remains smooth.

    Depending on your production level requirements, there are different models and equipment sizes to choose from. All come in stainless steel and guarantee process efficiency thanks to automation and high precision probes for temperature control. 

    Along with tempering, dosing, and enrobing, we also provide a host of chocolate-making equipment. Get in touch with Artisan Industrial to find out more about how we can help you.

    If you are interested in tempering, enrobing, & dosing equipment, get in touch with us today. Otherwise, have a look at our other Chocolate Making Equipment below.



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